Restrictions and Limitations for the Combined Client for Konica Minolta

This page lists restrictions and limitations for the Combined Client for Konica Minolta combined client.

  • DRS landing page: The DRS landing page does not work on some A4 devices due to a limitation of the MFP. There is currently no work-around for this.
  • On a C652 device, there is a restriction on entry into numeric fields in AutoStore forms. In an AutoStore form displayed by the Combined Client for Konica Minolta, you can only enter numbers using buttons on the device panel screen. You cannot enter numbers with the built-in numeric keypad or an attached keyboard.
    Note: In native device forms, you can enter numbers with buttons on the screen or using the built-in numeric keypad on the MFP, but not with an attached keyboard.
  • The Account balance option in the Equitrac Session flow options must be set to a value other than Do not display. This is required for the server to send account balance information to the Combined Client for Konica Minolta. For more information, see How to configure billing codes for Combined Client for Konica Minolta devices.
  • Native scans: As Equitrac does not support tracking of scan on Konica Minolta devices, enforcing account limits for scan does not apply.
  • Scan, fax and finishing charges: In Equitrac, a price can be specified for scans, faxes and various finishing options, but these charges are not applied to the job.
  • Per-job price is applied incorrectly: In Equitrac, if an advanced price list with a per-job and per-page price is applied to the MFP, every page of a multi-page job is charged the per-job price. As a result, the user may not be able to complete a job even when they have sufficient funds in their account, especially when the job has many pages.
  • No charge when printing from USB drive: In Equitrac, a user with limited funds can print for free from a USB drive. When the USB drive is connected to the MFP, Equitrac does not send a Print price list to the MFP, so the MFP behaves as if the price for printing were $0.00/page.
  • Printing not tracked: In Output Manager, prints from User Box, USB drive, and web browser are not tracked in the Reports tab of the Output Manager console.
  • Billing code name length: The maximum character length for billing code name is 42 characters. When a single word (without any space) is longer than 42 characters then that word will extend beyond the boundaries of the 'select item box'.
  • Duplex Short Edge: In Output Manager, if the "Bind Top" option is not set in the Change Settings menu or the Print Properties when printing a two-sided Short Edge document, the job is printed Long Edge on some MFPs.
  • Finishing options support: Some options displayed on the Print Finishing Options screen may not apply to all devices. For example, if Staple or Color are configured as finishing options in the Change Settings menu, these selections may appear on the Print Finishing Options screen of a device that does not support stapling or color prints.
  • Equitrac Universal print driver: The Equitrac print driver does not communicate properly with the MFP, causing the monochrome setting and various finishing options to not be applied to the print jobs.
  • Color documents charged as color on monochrome MFP: In Output Manager, color documents on a monochrome device are charged as color although the MFP cannot print in color.
  • Access Controls does not prevent color printing: In Output Manager, Access Controls can be configured to prevent particular users from printing in color, but these controls are not working, and these users can still print in color. Selected users can be prevented from printing in color by means of Business Rules, but if Business Rules are used in this way, other users cannot choose to print a document in color.
  • User balance displays incorrectly on MFP: In DRS, there is a checkbox to display the user’s balance on the MFP screen. By default the option is unchecked, however if it is checked, the balance displayed on the MFP is often incorrect.
  • User balance limits: In Output Manager, a user with limited funds can only spend half of their balance during a session at the MFP. For example, a user with $1.00 balance can only spend $0.50 in a login session.
  • Unlimited copies without funds: In Equitrac, a user with limited funds can make unlimited copies if they do not log out of a session at the MFP. When the same user logs out and logs back in again, the copy option in not available as they do not enough funds to make a copy.
  • Copies with mixed page sizes are recorded incorrectly: For a copy job in which not all the originals are the same size and not all the copies are the same size, Equitrac records the paper sizes incorrectly. The job is recorded as if all the originals were the same size. This is due to a limitation in Equitrac.