Scan Price Lists

Scan price lists calculate total price using three variables: base price per job, surcharges, and Per page price. To create a scan price list enter the following: Name, Description, Base price, Per page charges, and Surcharges.


Scan price lists are assigned to a device within the Web System Manager > Devices link. Each scan price list must have a unique name.


You can use the description field to differentiate two similar advanced price lists. For example, you might have two scan price lists that are identical except one charges for an Email destination, and the other charges for a File destination.

Scan Base Price

The base scan job cost. Every scan, no matter the destination, page count or destination, is charged this base price, in addition to the variable page detail charges and the surcharges.

Page Detail Charges

You can create charging rules that apply per scan page. Equitrac checks each scan page for a match to these Price per page rules. When a user chooses the scan destination at the device, they can Email the scanned file, save it to a file folder, or send it to a third-party server (e.g RightFax or SharePoint).

For each destination, enter a black and white charge and a color charge. However, not all destinations are available on all scan devices. Check the capabilities on each scan device within your deployment before creating Scan page detail charges and assigning them to devices.

Fax Surcharges

Surcharges are optional charges added for scan jobs generated during a specific time frame or by a specific account. Equitrac evaluates each scan job and assigns these surcharges if a match is found.