The Equitrac Embedded for Xerox® ECSP (Equitrac Capture Send and Print) application provides copy control, workflow scanning, and secure printing on Xerox manufactured multi-functional printers (MFPs). Embedded on the MFP, the application controls access to the MFP, valid account information is required before the MFP will unlock and be ready for use. Account information must be provided in the form of a supported ID card, personal identification numbers (PINs), or Windows credentials based on authentication settings on the Equitrac server.

Xerox ECSP communicates with the print tracking and accounting application on your network to validate authentication information. Once successfully logged in, users can securely release print jobs, use native device functions, or scan documents using Xerox ECSP. During the copy process, Xerox ECSP collects detailed document characteristics such as paper sizing, color, duplexing, stapling, or input trays on specific models.

Note: To use the Xerox ECSP application, you must install the Equitrac Device Web Server (DWS) component for Equitrac. See the Kofax ControlSuite Installation Help file for information about this component. This document contains instructions and information about Xerox devices that can leverage the Xeroxs ECSP framework. Older model devices may not be able to use these functions. It is the responsibility of your install technician to determine the class of device before attempting to use this information.