Transform Adept dialog box

Use this dialog box to configure a business rule action to transform documents using the Adept transform suite.

Tip: If needed, you can use the Data Conversion Utility to create custom DCOs for converting data formats. This will not be necessary for most users. If you think this conversion is necessary, please contact Support to ensure the data is converted properly.


Specifies the licensed rules agent server that you want to use.


Convert from — Specifies if you want to convert from the Xrx or Afp format.

to — Specifies the format you want to convert to.

Ini — Specifies the Ini resource that will control the format of the printed output. You can select a defined Ini resource in the drop-down list or click the browse button (...) to create, modify, or import Ini resources from the Resource Manager dialog box. Ini resources are created using the Ini Resource dialog box.

Ini description — Provides a description of the selected Ini resource.

Ini default — Specifies the default Ini resource.

EXE path — Specifies the Adept executable path.

Follow on actions

Input document — Specifies the follow on actions for the input document (original document). You can choose to delete, retain, or process the next rule for the original document. The newly created documents (output documents) continue with the next rule action.