Error Handling Profile dialog box

Error handling profiles specify what should happen to destinations when an error is detected via SNMP or during transmission of a document. Use this dialog box to configure error handling profiles.

You can access this dialog box when you configure a destination.


Specifies the error handling profile name.


Specifies a description of the error handling profile.

Check box options

  • Use two-stage error handling — This feature will be implemented in a future release.
  • Use detailed system errors — Enables more granular control of system error handling.
  • Use detailed SNMP errors — Enables error handling control for specific SNMP conditions. Once the option is selected, click the Select errors button to select the SNMP conditions you want to process. The selected conditions will be listed in the grid where error handling is configured.
  • Time between retries — Sets the time between transmission retries.
  • Maintain priority order during retry — Allows the destination to print other documents in a ready state if an earlier document is in a retry state.
  • Attempt error recovery after — Sets the time to wait before attempting error recovery.

Grid options

Click directly in the grid to configure error handling for the listed errors.

  • Error reported column — Displays the error type or SNMP condition type (or message) for which to configure error handling. More granular options can be made available by selecting the Use detailed system errors and Use detailed SNMP errors check boxes.
  • Interval before assigning state column — Sets the number of retries (system errors) or time interval (SNMP conditions) to wait before assigning the destination state.
  • Interval type column — Sets the type of interval for retries.
  • State to assign column — Sets the state to which the destination should be assigned when all retries have failed.
  • Ignore — Ignores the error and leaves the destination in a Ready state.
  • Error — Sets the destination to Error state. Error recovery will be attempted based on the time interval set in the Attempt error recovery after field.
  • Down — Sets the destination to a Down state.  The destination must be manually moved out of this state.
  • Failover documents column — Initiates the failover process for documents that have encountered error conditions when transmitted to the destination.