Device wizard

Use the device wizard to convert Windows queues to sources or destinations, to detect devices, or to restore previously converted Windows queues.

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Task Description
Convert Windows Queues on one or more Print Servers Converts Windows queues to sources and/or destinations. All documents sent to the Windows queue will be received in Output Manager through the new source, rather than going to the printer. If desired, you can choose to create an Output Manager destination for the queue. Output Manager will automatically configure the source to route to the destination. This is useful because no change will appear to the end users - they will print and receive their documents as usual.
Convert using Advanced mode Converts Windows queues to sources and/or destinations using an advanced configuration method.
Detect devices via SNMP Detects printers using SNMP. Printers can be detected on all servers that have the Output Manager SNMP Service installed. Once printers are detected, they can then be configured as Output Manager destinations.
Restore previously converted Windows Queues Restores Windows queues that were converted to Output Manager sources.