Cost Calculation and Currency

You can adjust the number of decimal places that CAS uses to calculate printing costs. The default setting is two decimal places, but you can extend this to maximum five decimal places if you require more detailed accounting values. When creating price lists, you can assign prices up to and including the number of decimal places set system-wide.

To change the number of decimal places or the currency symbol for printing costs, do the following:
  1. In System Configuration, go to Global Configuration Settings > Accounting and Quotas > Charging, Limits and Precision.
  2. Enter a decimal value between 0 and 5 to Calculate document cost to.
  3. Select the Override currency symbol for end user display option and select a currency from the drop-down list.
  4. Click Apply.

If you change the number of decimal places from the default, you must change the Windows No. of digits after decimal option to match the number of decimal places used in System Manager.

To change to default number of decimal places on your workstation, go to Start > Control Panel > Region and Language > Additional Settings > Currency.

Make this change on all workstations running System Manager or Reports Manager, and on any remote administrative workstations.

Note: Equitrac management tools (System Manager and Reports Manager) display currency in the format specific to the configured system regional setting.