How to run the currently open configuration

This procedure describes how to start the AutoStore service and run the configuration that you are currently editing in AutoStore Process Designer.

The AutoStore service must be stopped before you can start a configuration. Any changes you make to a configuration while it is being run by an AutoStore server do not take effect until after you save the changes, stop the service, and start the service.
Be default, when you start the AutoStore service, it runs the configuration that is being edited in AutoStore Process Designer, or if no configuration is open, it runs the last configuration to be run by the service.
  1. Make sure that the configuration file you want to run is open and that its tab is displayed in the AutoStore Process Designer workspace.
  2. On the Home tab of the ribbon, in the Tools group, click the Start button.
    If the Start menu is inactive, you must first click Stop to stop the AutoStore service.
Completing this procedure starts the AutoStore service and runs the configuration that is currently open in the AutoStore Process Designer. This configuration will now also be run by default when the AutoStore service starts.