ControlSuite overview

Output Manager is now part of the ControlSuite software offering, an integrated print, capture and mobile document workflow solution.

ControlSuite combines individual products that work together in various configurations to create multiple document processing workflows. This bundled solution combines individual document products and functionalities that work together to create, print, scan, route and process documents safely and securely using optimized document workflows. The individual products are aware of each other and work seamlessly together.

Note: Documents can be sent or received to and from devices, network business systems (like email and document storage), and printed to output devices in a single workflow.

ControlSuite consists of the following products:

  • Equitrac 6.0
  • AutoStore 8.0
  • Output Manager 5.0
  • Business Connect 8.0

For more information about ControlSuite, refer to the ControlSuite Online Help, which also contains information about how other products work with ControlSuite.

Output Manager features

When Output Manager is installed, the following ControlSuite shared services are also installed. These shared services allow Output Manager to work with Equitrac, AutoStore, and Business Connect.

  • Document Transform Service: This service transforms documents from one file type to another so that incoming documents are compatible with their destination. This service is also used to provide watermarks and information stamping to documents from products other than Output Manager.
  • Print Job Management Service: This service allows users to see and release Output Manager print jobs at Equitrac endpoints. Print preferences and finishing options are passed to Equitrac for release.
  • Print Job Submission Service: This service allows users to submit their print jobs to a print queue.

How Output Manager is integrated with ControlSuite

Release Output Manager documents from Equitrac endpoints

Installations that included both Equitrac and Output Manager may have documents received by both systems for a given user. All of a user’s documents (both Equitrac and Output Manager jobs) are displayed in a unified job list and can be released at any Equitrac endpoint client.

Output Manager accepts documents from Equitrac and AutoStore

Equitrac and AutoStore administrators send print jobs to Output Manager for additional processing (such as redaction, watermarking, user information stamping, and applying complex business rules). They can pass document metadata with the data files, and make Output Manager aware of the information provided when configuring Equitrac and AutoStore rules to pass those documents to Output Manager.

Add a ControlSuite source

Output Manager releases documents at Equitrac and Business Connect endpoints

Output Manager can create or modify print jobs that need to be released via Equitrac or AutoStore endpoints. Business Connect can find all system-defined devices to accept Output Manager jobs. Print preferences and finishing options of Output Manager jobs are passed to Equitrac for release via the Print Job Management Service.

Integrate ControlSuite Analysis Engine

Output Manager can use the ControlSuite Analysis Engine, formerly known as the Equitrac Page Counting Engine (PCE), within the Output Manager Source Configuration to expand upon its page counting capabilities. The ControlSuite Analysis Engine doesn’t require a transform, so the processing time is much quicker.

More settings tab (Source Configuration)