The Kofax Unified Client for Epson provides a unified client for capture and print management functionality on specific Epson-manufactured Multi-Function Printers (MFPs). When deployed to the MFP, Unified Client for Epson v1.0 controls access to the MFP, and acts as the gateway for functionality.

Equitrac offers business users the flexibility to print what they need and when they need it, while reducing the costs and complexities of deploying a print infrastructure. As user requirements for printing change and IT infrastructure evolves, Equitrac lets businesses easily adapt to these changes with a unique choice of how to deploy printing – using print servers, direct IP printing, or a hybrid model that includes both. This allows the creation of tailor-made print environments according to the specific needs of users and businesses.

This documentation will walk you through an installation for Equitrac Office/Express or Equitrac within ControlSuite. You can also set up your first print workflow (Follow-You Printing) on your Epson MFP device. If you want to go beyond these initial steps, refer to the Equitrac section in the ControlSuite Web Help.

To learn more when performing server-side configuration tasks, you can also refer to the Device Registration Service (DRS) and Equitrac documentation.