Enable Default Billing Code for User Dashboard

Users are able to set a default billing code for their transactions. Depending on how Billing code access is configured in System Manager, users may not have access to all billing codes. You must choose a global access level for the billing codes that determine which billing codes the users can access. For more information, see Enabling System-Wide Billing Code Access.

To determine to billing codes that users can access, do the following:

  1. In System Configuration, select Global Configuration Settings > User Interaction > Billing Code Access, Cashier Behavior and Error Notification.
  2. Select on the following billing code access options:
    • All codes - Users can charge transactions to any billing code.
    • Only codes assigned to user's department - Users can charge only those billing codes defined for the departments to which they belong.
    • Only codes assigned to user - Users can charge to only those billing codes assigned to their user accounts.
    • Codes assigned to user or user's department - Users can only charge to those billing codes assigned to their user accounts, or the departments to which they belong.
  3. Click Apply.
Note: The Exclude codes with no balance option does not affect the default billing code in User Dashboard.