Licensing AutoStore

AutoStore has a special licensing schema in which you need to proceed server by server and distribute available licenses to every instance. The Licensing AutoStore page is only visible if you have AutoStore on the server you are running the Configuration Assistant.

Verify that the AutoStore licenses have transferred to the Licenses table on the View Server page.
Note: If you install AutoStore Sunset Pack 8.1 after installing and licensing AutoStore 8.1, you have to refresh the license to activate the Sunset Pack components.
  1. Ensure that you are logged into an AutoStore server within your deployment.
  2. Launch the Configuration Assistant and go to the Licensing tab.
  3. Click Refresh Licenses then select Update license online and click Apply.
  4. The Refresh Licenses window displays progress. After successful completion, select the AutoStore Licensing tab.
    The AutoStore Licensing page shows all AutoStore licenses that you have purchased broken down by type (such as User, Capture and Processing Licenses).
    License The value of the license
    Available The total purchased number of a license
    Assigned to other server(s) Licenses already in use by other AutoStore server instances. If this is the first time that you are assigning AutoStore licenses this number is zero.
    Assign to this server License value to be assigned to this server
  5. Use the slider or type the desired license number directly into the Assign to this server box.
  6. Click Next. After the license assignment has completed successfully, click Close.
    You have finished distributing licenses to the AutoStore server instance.
  7. Repeat the above steps for all AutoStore server instances in your deployment.