LDAP Server dialog box

When you are adding LDAP users or an LDAP group to Output Manager, you must specify the LDAP server that you will search. Use this dialog box to specify the LDAP server that contains the users or the group that you want to add. Once the users or group are added, permissions and quotas can be assigned as needed. You can access this dialog box from the LDAP User dialog box or from the LDAP Group dialog box.

Server type

Specifies a server type of either Microsoft Active Directory Server or Generic LDAP Server. A server type of Generic LDAP Server operates in a Microsoft Active directory environment. However, if you are connecting to an Active Directory Server (ADS), selecting Microsoft Active Directory Server utilizes the Active Directory security and relationships.

Server description

Indicates the name by which you want to identify this server.

Server address

Specifies the DNS (Domain Name System) name of the server. In most cases, you can simply specify the server address in domain name format, for example, autostore.com/.


Identifies the standard IP port for the LDAP server.

Login ID (DN format)

Specifies the DN (distinguished name) of a user with administrative rights.


Contains this user’s password.

Verify Connection button

Confirms that a connection can be established with the information you have entered. You will see either Success or Failure to the right of the button.