Configuring document property profiles

Advanced document properties facilitate the setting of document properties from multiple sources. Document properties can be set from Output Manager Print Server headers, LPD headers, job tickets, data contained in the document, or fixed values, and so on. Advanced document properties is a complex feature that only advanced users and professional service engineers should configure.

To configure document properties, you must first configure one or more profiles for the desired type of header data. Your profile options are native header profile, job ticket profile, job parsing profile, and headers from data profile. The configuration of these profiles includes specifying which headers to use, what Output Manager document properties to map them to, and potentially which job ticket values to match to which Output Manager property values.

Once the profiles are configured, choose the order in which the configured profiles are used when a document is received, and what the default static value is if no data is found in the respective header.

The profiles of the individual document information sources (native header, job ticket, job parsing, and headers from data) can be reused in many different advanced document property profiles, just as the advanced document property profile can be reused by many different Output Manager source devices.

Complete the following procedure to configure document profiles during source configuration: