System requirements

Software requirements for Unified Client for Xerox are listed in the Technical Specifications document, which is available from the Kofax Knowledge Base on the Kofax website. The document is updated regularly, and we recommend that you review it carefully before installing your product.


A customer portal login is necessary to access the Kofax Knowledge Base.

SPAR file requirement for AltaLink devices

For certain AltaLink devices (B8000 series and C8000 series), the SPAR file needs to be installed to prevent concurrent connection issues. Download and install the appropriate software update file for your type of AltaLink device. See the Xerox documentation for instructions. The following versions are required:

  • Xerox AltaLink C8000 series devices: Xerox AltaLink_C8030_35_Software-Upgrade_101.001.089.22600 (or later)

  • Xerox AltaLink B8000 series devices: Xerox AltaLink_B8045-B8090-Software-Upgrade_101.008.089.22600 (or later)

Remediation of network issues

Consult with your IT department or network administrator to remediate these network issues, if they occur.

External DNS Interaction issues
This would require changes to DNS policies on the DNS Server or Internet Access Gateway or use third-party firewall or DNS filtering software.
Slow HTTP header and POST vulnerability
This would require you to review typical network traffic and make changes to your firewall based on network performance metrics.