Hardkey behavior

Canon MFPs that offer hard keys have the following special behavior:

  1. With a Unified Client Scan workflow in progress, the Start button will act the same as the Scan soft button. When pressed, the workflow will try to start the scan. As with the Scan soft button, any error that stops the scan from starting will cause an error message to be displayed.
  2. When the MFP is scanning a document, the Stop button will cause the scan to stop and the user will be returned to the scan workflow. Note: The entire job will be cancelled.
  3. When the Unified Client application is visible, the Reset button will cause one of the following actions to occur depending on where the user currently is:
    1. If the user is on an identification screen, the screen will reset and all content will be cleared.
    2. If the user is past the identification screen (or the system has no identification active), pressing the Reset button will return the user to the top level Unified Client Launcher screen with all pop-ups (and similar) dismissed.
    3. If the user is in the middle of a scan job, the Reset button is ignored.
    4. If point a. or b. was performed due to a server reconfiguration, the client will reach out to the server to get the new configuration and any current session will end.