Purge Database Transactions

The EQTransactionPurge.exe utility purges transactions from the database.

Equitrac installs this utility on the accounting server in the Program Files\Nuance\Equitrac\Tools folder.

The command-line utility accepts commands in the following format:

EQTransactionPurge.exe [-f] [-e [n] ] [-u] [-m] [-s] (-o n | -d yyyy-mm-dd | -i NNNNN) [-t]

Parameters enclosed in parentheses < > are mandatory; parameters within square brackets [ ] are optional.

Parameter Description
-f Force transaction purge.
-e Exclusive force execution of transaction purge by chunks of n (5000 - default).
-u Purge from uplink tables.
-m Purge from DME usage tables.
-s Purge from SDR usage tables.
-o Purge transactions more than n days old.
-d Purge transactions from present date, minus 24 hours.
-i Purge a single transaction where NNNNN is a 32 digit transaction ID. The transaction ID can be viewed by running any detailed activity report and using the Configure report layout option to display the Document ID column.
-t Enable trace logging.