Welcome to Bates Stamp Server Supervisor

Bates stamping implies a process of placing Bates Stamps on document pages. The term itself originates from the hand-held numbering machine invented by Bates Manufacturing Co. in 1890’s in New York State. Bates stamping machines are still used by lots of companies around the globe for tedious manual document stamping operations.

Bates Stamp Server is a software which provides manipulation with a set of stamps. The software works as a web service and can be used by clients remotely. The web service interacts with its clients through secure SSL channel.

Bates Stamp Server Supervisor configures the software parameters and grants access to the server to Bates Stamp Server Administrators (special type of clients) by generating special certificate files. Supervisor can prohibit administrator from access to the server at any time.

The following scheme presents the architecture of Bates Stamps Server software:

The security level used provides only encryption of all the data transferred between client and server sides, and does not provide authentication of web service to its clients.