Editing and Removing Devices

You can edit the properties of a physical device, print queue, embedded device, control terminal or I-Queue at any time. Changes can be made to more than one device at a time. For example, if you want to set secure printing on all queues, select the queues, then set secure printing on all devices at once.

When multiple devices are selected, the summary dialog box opens and disables any properties that are not shared among the devices. For example, the Name and Hostname/IP address fields are blank in the dialog box and are not editable. If the settings on the devices do not match, Equitrac displays the lists and options as empty fields. You can edit these fields, which in turn changes the field on every selected device, or leave the option “empty” to keep the existing settings.

A device can be deleted at any time in Web System Manager by selecting the device, and clicking Delete from the list. If the device was tracked using DME, it no longer appears in the DME console.

Deleted devices cannot be re-added to the database as the same device. The database assigns a unique identifier to each device, and a record of the device is kept in the database even after the device is deleted from Web System Manager. If you delete a device and need to re-add it, you must choose a unique device name.