Ad Hoc Rule dialog box

Use this dialog box to create and modify ad hoc rules. You can access this dialog box from the Ad Hoc Rules Manager dialog box.


Enter the name of the ad hoc rule.


Enter a description of the ad hoc rule. This will display in the Ad Hoc Rules Manager dialog box.

Rule definition

Always execute this rule (no conditions) — Use this option to apply the rule to all documents. This will disable the When box as no condition statements are needed.


The When box is used to create and manage the rule conditions. Multiple conditions can be created and organized into groups. A blue box is used to indicate a condition group.

To create a condition, click the <Target> link and then click the appropriate condition. Click the Operation link to select the appropriate operation. Click the Value link to select the appropriate value. This will complete the condition statement.

You can select the condition statement and use the buttons below the box to add and remove conditions.

  • Select a condition radio button (inside the box) to enable the Add Condition and Remove Condition buttons for adding and removing condition statements.
  • Select a group radio button (outside the box) to enable the Add Group and Remove Group buttons for adding and removing groups. This will also enable the Add Condition button for adding a condition to the selected group.

Perform the following actions

The Perform the following actions box is used to create and manage rule actions.

The order of ad hoc rule actions is very important, as the action behavior can depend on where it occurs in the sequence of actions. By default the actions apply to the targeted documents. For example, if your rule contains a Create Package action, the create package will act upon the targeted documents. In contrast, actions that follow an action that produces documents, will apply to the produced documents. Using the previous example, if following the Create Package action you have a Merge Package action followed by a Set Document Properties action, followed by a Set Document State action, and finally followed by a Route to Destination action, the merge package action will apply to the package created by the Create Package action, and the latter three actions will apply to the resultant merged documents from the Merge Package action. If you had a Set Document Properties action that preceded the Create Package action, it would apply to the original targeted documents.

  • To create an action, click the <Action> link and select the appropriate action type. You can create the following actions:
    • Run Business Rules — Specifies if you want to run business rules against input or output documents.
    • Delete Document — Deletes documents.
    • Set Priority in Group — Defines how to arrange the order of documents in a package (group) based on document property values.
    • Assign to Document Folder — Assigns documents to specific document folders.
    • Set Document Owner — Configures the document owner.
    • Route to Destinations — Specifies the destinations where documents should be sent.
    • Set Document State — Sets the document state to hold or ready.
    • Create Package — Configures a package of documents. This opens the Create Package dialog box.
    • Zip Package — Zips the merged document or any other documents in Output Manager. This opens the Zip Package dialog box.
    • Merge Package — Configures the document properties of the merged file. This opens the Merge Package dialog box.
    • Modify Document Content — Configures Advanced Document Modification settings for business rules and output process actions. This opens the Modify Document Content dialog box.
    • Modify Document Properties — Configures the document properties during Advanced Document Modification for a business rule. This opens the Modify Document Properties dialog box.
    • Package Banner — This opens the Package Banner dialog box.
    • Run Command — This opens the Run Command dialog box.
    • Unzip Document — This opens the Unzip Document dialog box.
  • To create additional actions, click Add Action.
  • To modify an action, click the desired action link or click the area next to the link and click Modify Action.
  • To delete an action, click the area next to the link and click Remove Action.
  • To reorder the actions, click the area next to the action link and click Move Up or Move Down.

Allowed for document right click

Use the check box to determine if the rule will be available to apply directly to documents from the Documents grid. When selected, the rule will be available as an option when you right-click a document and click Run Ad hoc Rule. Rules with this option enabled will display in the submenu.