Working with reports

From the Output Manager Console, you can access the Reports application where you can view and manage Output Manager reports. Several sample reports are included in Output Manager. These reports provide summary and details of activity by user, department, document, and destination.

Output Manager has green reports that show documents that have been automatically deleted from the server after being spooled but not printed. The green reports provide summary and detailed reports for billing accounts, departments, and users.

If you generate reports from base reports in the Reports application, Output Manager allows you to export the reports. If you export a summary report, Output Manager allows you to export a linked detail report. You can import reports into base report folders or into custom folders created by other Output Manager users.

To enable green reports:
  1. In the Administration application, select Set General Preferences and select the General tab.
  2. Select Auto delete Spooled documents and set the auto-deletion time.

As a best practice for tracking estimated cost savings with green reports, select the Detect color and Count pages options and specify Set cost per page values when configuring the settings on the source More settings tab.

Output Manager enables you to send reporting data from multiple Output Manager instances to a remote consolidated database. You configure a task for each instance that sends reporting data to the remote database.