Connect to Output Manager Server dialog box

Use the Connect to Output Manager Server dialog box to select the Output Manager server you want to connect to. This dialog box displays when you open the Output Manager Console and when you open a new Output Manager Console connection.

OM server

Enter the Output Manager server where the Output Manager DBM Service is started. If you have previously connected to a server, you can select that server from the list.

Connection mode

Select the protocol for the connection between the Output Manager Console and the Output Manager server. In a high availability environment, the Output Manager Console and other clients use HTTP or HTTPS to communicate with the single Output Manager logical server through a load balancer.

Logon as

Select if you want to log on to Output Manager as the Current Windows user, an Output Manager user, an LDAP user, or for a Windows user account, a Different Windows user. If you select to log on as an OM user, LDAP user, or Different Windows user, you must complete the User name and Password boxes. The Domain box must be completed for the Different Windows user selection.

Remember settings

Select this check box to remember the selected configuration setting the next time you open this dialog box.