Setting up a Print Separator Page

You can create a separator page on each device queue that is managed by a DRE Print Server. The separator page is printed before each released print job on the device. Equitrac separator pages are compatible with standard Microsoft separator page logic, and also provide Equitrac-specific escape codes. If you have an existing separator page, copy it in to the Program Files\Equitrac\Separator Pages folder on the DRE server, and make modifications to include Equitrac specific information.

If you experience problems with a separator page, remove the Equitrac escape codes from the file, then ensure that the page prints correctly under a non-DRE controller printer. Consult your Microsoft documentation for details. Although DRE is installed with a default separator page, it is not enabled on any device. The instructions below use the default separator page provided with Equitrac.

  1. On the DRE server, open Program Files\Nuance\Equitrac\Separator Pages\pcl.sep in any text editor.
  2. Choose the escape character that you want to use.

The default file uses the "\" symbol, but you can choose any character you want. This character identifies the syntax used for all escape codes within the file. Choose a symbol that you do not want to print on the separator page. For example do not use the '@' symbol as the escape character if you want the '@' symbol to appear anywhere on the separator page (within an email address, for example).

  1. Enter the escape codes for the functions you want to print on the separator page. See Separator Page Escape Codes for a complete list of codes and their corresponding results.
  2. Save the file using a new name with a .sep extension in Program Files\Nuance\Equitrac\Separator Pages.
  3. To apply the separator page, open System Manager > Devices > Physical Devices.
  4. Select the physical device from the list, and then click the Output Options.
  5. In the Release Behavior section, enter the name of the Separator page, including the .sep file extension, in order to print a specific separator before each job released from this queue. A separator page is not applied by default.
  6. Click Save.