Converting Windows queues

Output Manager will often be installed in an existing print environment. This means there will already be one or more Windows print servers, each serving dozens or hundreds of Windows queues. You can easily use the Output Manager Device Wizard to convert these Windows queues to Output Manager sources. All documents sent to the converted Windows queue will be automatically received in Output Manager through the new source.

You can choose to create a Output Manager destination for the queue. Output Manager will automatically configure the source to route to the destination. This is useful because no change will appear to the end users, and they will continue print and receive their documents as usual.

The difference between converting queues in basic and advanced mode amounts to granularity of controlling options.

In basic mode:

  • The options to create sources and/or destinations apply to all converted queues the same.
  • The optional destination will be a Socket type destination only.
  • The source and destination group selections will apply to all new sources and destinations.
  • File store selection will apply to all new sources the same.

In advanced mode:

  • The option to create a sources and/or destination is chosen per device to convert.
  • The optional destinations can be of type Socket: IPP or LPR.
  • The source and destination group selections are chosen per device to be converted.
  • File store selection is made per source to be created.

If you decide you no longer want the Windows queue routed through Output Manager, you can easily restore the Windows queue.