Failover Profile dialog box

Failover profiles specify what should happen to documents if errors occur when they are sent to a destination that is configured to allow document failover. Use this dialog box to configure failover profiles.

You can access this dialog box when you configure a source or destination, create a business rule with a failover profile, or assign a failover profile from the Documents grid.


Specifies the failover profile name.


Specifies a description of the failover profile.

If all retries fail...

Specifies what will happen when an error occurs and the failover process has been initiated. You can choose to perform one of the following actions.

  • Place the document in an error state.
  • Reroute the document to the failing destinations default failover group. This is specified on the Error handling tab.
  • Reroute the document to the destination of your choice.

Number of failover destinations to try — Specifies the number of destinations to try before placing the document in an error state. You can try an Unlimited number or specify Up to a specific number of times.