Isolated Component Properties dialog box

Use settings in this dialog box to isolate and disable or monitor operation of a component. These settings are primarily used to troubleshoot or manage issues in a workflow that freezes or causes the AutoStore service to quit unexpectedly.

Components are enabled by default and run in the AutoStore process thread. You can isolate a component to its own process and then specify to fail a job only after the component is unresponsive for a specified number of minutes. You can alternatively specify to restart a component after it has been used a specified number of times. This option is used when a component only fails after repeated use by the AutoStore service.

Option Description
Enable component This option enables a component that has been isolated to a separate process. A component remains enabled by default after you isolate it.
Monitor component operation Select this check box to detect when an isolated component is unresponsive, and then specify how long to wait for the unresponsive component.
  • Time out component and fail job after specifies how long to wait for the component to respond before a job times out.
Track component usage Select this check box to restart an isolated component that functions normally until after extended use. This allows you to restart a component while it is still functioning normally, before issues appear.
  • Restart component after using specifies how many times to use the component before restarting it. Try to configure the component to restart before issues are known to appear.
Disable component Click this option to disable an isolated component.