Handle Unidentified Documents

Unidentified documents are transactions for which Equitrac cannot identify the associated account, such as a received fax on a multi-function device.

To configure how Equitrac charges unidentified documents, do the following.

  1. In System Configuration, select Global Configuration Settings > Accounting and Quotas > Color Quota, Transaction Tracking and Unidentified Documents.
  2. In the Unidentified Documents section, click Modify to open the Modify dialog box.
  3. Enter an Account name in the field.
  4. Select an Account type from the drop-down list.
  5. Click Verify to have Equitrac validate the account information against the accounting server database.
  6. When Equitrac successfully verifies the account, click OK. Otherwise, re-enter and re-validate the account information, or click Cancel to close the window without saving changes.
  7. Click Apply to save the settings.