Unified Client for Canon device properties

Unified Client for Canon device properties are configured in the Device Registration Service web console.

When configured for a device group, they can be propagated to any device in the group.

The following parameters define the device settings. Click the edit button to edit the parameters for a device. Click the save button to save changes to the parameters or click the cancel button to discard changes.

Property Description

The name of the Canon device or device group.


The IP address or hostname of a Canon device.

Note: This is a device only parameter and will not be displayed when configuring parameters for a device group.
Inherit Properties from Group

This option is visible only when a device is located in a group folder in the Devices pane.

  • True specifies to use property settings for the group. The remaining property settings will be inherited from the group and unavailable for configuration here.
  • False specifies to configure property settings separately for this device. The remaining settings will be available for configuration here except in their description.
Note: As application is not inherited, you must have separate groups for separate applications.

The administrator user name for the Canon device.


The administrator password for the Canon device.


A DRS application with Canon Unified Client as its Application Type. When a device is in a group, this property setting is always inherited the group and does not appear for a device.

Device Group

Click a group name in this box to change group membership. When a device is a member of a group it can optionally inherit device settings defined for the group. This allows you to simultaneously manage settings for multiple devices. Select the [Devices] option in this list to remove a device from group membership and move it to the root folder in the Devices pane. This option is not visible while you are configuring options for a new device.

Application Name

The application name to display on the device.

Enable Debug Log Specifies whether you want to enable debug logging:
  • True
  • False (default).