Offline behavior

In case of communication failure between the MFP and AutoStore server, the following occurs:

  1. The current session will be closed and any active workflow will not complete.
  2. If the user has provided credentials to AutoStore, they will be logged out of AutoStore.
  3. A blank Launcher screen will load with an alert that there was an issue talking to the server.
  4. This will remain until server communication is restored at which point the user will go back to seeing the screen they would upon walking up to an operational device.
  5. The offline behavior will also be seen upon installation of the solution should it be triggered on the device before the configuration is sent from DRS.
  6. If a third party system was used for authentication, the application will no longer have the login credentials used and the user will need to manually logout and log back in. They can still use the rest of the system while AutoStore is offline.