Manage Scan and User Workflows

Workflows are the scan-related, system-managed and device-managed functions available for the user at the device. Scan workflows can be configured for email, network and user folders, RightFax servers and SharePoint servers. System-managed workflows allow easy access to system-enabled functions, such as Follow-You Printing and Release All. Device-managed workflows provide access to the specific device native functions, such as copy and fax.

Workflow containers are place holders for pre-configured user workflows (or functions) as they appear in the PCC Launcher screen on the front panel of select PCC-enabled MFPs. Workflow containers can be configured to be accessible to all users, or only available to users assigned to specific departments

This section provides information about:

  • configuring scan workflows and destinations
  • managing scan processing and delivery
  • OCR processing
  • scan load balancing