Edit LDAP User dialog box

Use this dialog box to modify the information about an LDAP user. You can access this dialog box when you are managing users, managing Output Manager security roles, and configuring security for the Output Manager Console, destinations, sources, and documents.

LDAP server

Specifies the LDAP server. You cannot modify this field.

Distinguished name

Identifies the DN (distinguished name) of this LDAP user. You cannot modify this field.

User name

Specifies the user name that will be used when logging in to the server.

Display name

Specifies the LDAP display name.

Email address

Specifies the email address of the user.


Specifies whether the user is a member of a department. You can select one of the departments from the list or click New to create a department from the Department dialog box.

Update from LDAP Server

Restores the user detail information to the values in the LDAP server if you chose to override the data for the Output Manager environment.