Transform Office Files dialog box

Use this dialog box when you create a business rule action to convert Microsoft Office files to PDF documents.


Select the server with the Rules Agent service that runs the business rule.

Office file formats to convert

Specifies the types of Microsoft Office files that you want to convert. Click the drop-down list and select the file formats.

Use Microsoft API if available

Specifies if Output Manager uses the Microsoft API component when converting the following file formats:
  • DOC
  • DOCX
  • XML
  • ODT
  • RTF
  • HTML
  • TXT

Complex RTF documents were not accurately converted with the third-party product in earlier versions of Output Manager. Enabling this option used the Microsoft API to improve conversion accuracy. To use this option, verify that Microsoft Word 2013 is installed on the same server that hosts the Rules Agent Service that processes the action. Newer versions of Output Manager contain an improved third-party conversion product.

Follow on actions

Input document — Specifies how Output Manager processes the original input Microsoft Office file. You can delete, retain, or process the next rule for the input document. If you select Process next rule, the input document skips the rest of the actions in the current rule and is processed at the start of the next rule.

Follow-on actions are available only when configuring transform actions for business rules.