@LookupCsv dialog box

Use this dialog box to configure the @LookupCsv function. This function looks up the value for a property in a comma separated values file. The value will be inserted in the document property you are configuring.

Once created, the function command syntax is as follows,

@lookupCsv ( " path / resource " , lookup data , key column name , data column name )


Specifies how you want to locate the .csv file. You can use one of the following options:

  • Path — Enter the path and file name of the .csv file, or click the browse button (...) to navigate to the file.
  • Resource — Select the appropriate resource from the list, or click the Browse button to choose the resource from the Manage CsvDocProp Resources dialog box. If you are using a resource, "CsvDocProp:" will be inserted before the resource name.

Lookup data

Specifies the data you are looking up, this could be data from another document property or the results of an @parse function.

  • To select a document property, right-click in the box, click Insert Document Property, and then select the appropriate property from the list.
  • To use the results of an @parse function, right-click in the box, click Insert Function, and then @parse(). Configure the @parse function using the @Parse dialog box.

Key column name

Specifies the column name in your CSV file where Output Manager should look for a value that matches the data you entered in the Lookup data box.

Data column name

Specifies the column name in your CSV file that contains the data you want inserted into the document property.