Desktop Printing

Desktop printing tracks the use of local printers connected to a user workstation. These printers are not controlled by a DRE print server. A user may attach a device directly to their user workstation via an LPT or USB connection, rather than print through an Equitrac print server or the workstation direct IP printing feature in the Equitrac Client Workstation. Equitrac groups these devices as Workstation devices.

Note: Charging for color attributes is also possible but depends upon the properties of the printing application and the printer driver. If the application and printer driver do not differentiate between color and monochrome pages, color attribute charges for desktop print jobs will not be accurate.
Note: Desktop printing does not enforce Account Limits.

Desktop printing is often deployed when you need to track print volume for users who require private printers. For example, legal documents, accounting documents, or HR documents are often proprietary and should not be left unattended on a printer. You can install the Desktop printing feature per device, limiting access and applying specialized pricing scenarios. You can also create special rules that determine the types of jobs that can print to these devices.

Note: Desktop Printing is not supported in Mac environments.