License Information Utility

Use this utility to view current license information for the Output Manager software. You do not manually enter data in this window; the data is displayed by the utility.

Before the license has been activated, the fields on this window are blank. After the license is installed, all fields are populated. The Output Manager components contained in the license are listed in the grid.

License Server

The URL for the Output Manager license server.

License Server ID

The ID for the Output Manager license server.

License Status

Indicates if the license is installed and displays the version number.

License grid

Features — A list of the Output Manager features that are part of your license.

Used — Indicates the number of licenses for a specific features that have been used.

Available — Indicates the number of licenses that haven't yet been used for the features.

Expires — Specifies the date and time that the license for a specific component ends. Dates are entered in the format mm/dd/yyyy.