Create Print Rules

Print rules apply to both server based DRE and workstation direct IP printing. For information on workstation direct IP printing, refer to the Workstation Client.

When DRE receives a print job, it gathers the job attribute information from the request. DRE then contacts CAS to determine if there is a Rule Set applied to the device (at the device or queue level). If not, DRE checks the secure printing setting for the device queue. If secure printing is not enabled, the job is forwarded to the printer immediately. If secure printing is enabled, the job is held in the secure queue until the user releases it.

If a Rule Set is applied to the device, Equitrac evaluates the rules in the set according to the rank order applied within the Rule Set. Equitrac compares the attributes of the print job to the rule type and rule criteria. When a match is found, the rule action is applied to the print job.

If more than one Print rule is defined within the Rule Set, Equitrac compares the attributes to each rule type until a match is found. If a match is found, the action associated with the rule is applied, and all other rules are ignored.