Repricing Jobs on Release

There are cases where you may prefer to recost a job upon release from a secure queue. If the Cost Preview feature is enabled or the Print Queue Viewer is installed on the user’s workstation, the user is quoted a price for a print job based upon the job characteristics and the capabilities of the device they chose to print to. However, if the printer has a secure queue, and Follow-You Printing is enabled, the user might choose to release the print job on a printer that might change the calculated job cost.

For example, if the user is working with a color document, but selects a monochrome device when first sending the job to print, the user is quoted a price based on monochrome properties. If the user then releases the same job from the secure print queue to a color device, the previously quoted price based on monochrome properties will not accurately reflect the real cost of the job.

The Reprice after release feature forces CAS to recost the job when it is released from the secure queue, using the output price list defined for the device.

To enable this feature, open Web System Manager and go to System Configuration > Global Configuration Settings > Printing > DRE/DRC and Follow-You Printing and select Reprice after release checkbox in the Pricing section.