Enable Secure Printing

Secure printing holds documents in a secure print queue until the user releases the document from either an embedded client application.

In environments where users print proprietary or confidential documents, secure printing gives users the power to control the timing of their output. Equitrac holds documents sent to registered devices in the DRE secure print queue. Through a client application, users can view documents in the queue, then select, delete, or release documents for printing.

Depending on the needs of your organization, you can setup basic secure printing only or extend the functionality to use Follow-You Printing and/or Send To printing. In a basic setup, the print job is held in a secure queue until released to the destination printer.

In an advanced Follow-You Printing setup, the user can choose a different destination printer—they do not have to release the job to the printer originally selected at the user workstation. For more on Follow-You Printing, see Managing Device Pull Groups. In a Send To printing setup, the user can release a job to the secure queue on behalf of other users, and the print job appears in the secure queue for each user selected. For more information on Send To printing, see Configuring Send To Printing.

Note: If you also configure network printing Routing Rules that hold a job, the rules override the secure printing settings for all devices that are part of a print rule. When a user submits a print request, Equitrac first checks the print rules to determine if the job should be held. If no rule exists for the destination printer, Equitrac checks the secure printing settings for the device. If secure printing is not enabled, the job is released directly to the printer. See Routing Rules for full details.