LDAP User dialog box

Use this dialog box to add LDAP users to Output Manager so that you can assign permissions and quotas. You can access this dialog box when you are managing users, managing Output Manager security roles, and configuring security for the Output Manager Console, destinations, sources, and documents.

LDAP server

Specifies the LDAP server. Click New to define an LDAP server using the LDAP Server dialog box. Click Modify to make changes to the selected server.

LDAP user DN

Identifies the DN (distinguished name) of this LDAP user. You select this user from the Browse LDAP Server dialog box, which is displayed when you click the Browse button.

LDAP User Detail

Displays the information contained in the LDAP directory. The information can be overridden for the Output Manager environment. To change the user name, display name, or email address, or to select an existing department, select Override LDAP data. The fields will then be made available for entry. If you only want to define a new department, you do not need to activate the override function.

  • User name — Specifies the user name that will be used when logging in to the server.
  • Display name — Specifies the LDAP display name.
  • Email address — Specifies the email address of the user.
  • Department — Specifies whether the user is a member of a department. You can select one of the departments in the list, or click New to create a department from the Department dialog box. You can create a new department without selecting Override LDAP data.
  • Override LDAP data — Specifies that you want to override the LDAP user details. When you select this check box, the data is changed only in Output Manager, not in the network LDAP directory.