System timeout

If the Auto Reset Time has been configured under Settings/Registration > Preferences > Timer/Energy Settings > Power Save Settings, the Unified Client will respond when the timer is triggered.

What occurs depends on the device configuration: With the device setup for the third party authentication (for example CAC), when the timer triggers, the user will find themselves logged out of the device and back on the third parties authentication screen. When this occurs, the Unified Client is reset back to a logged out state.

If the third party authentication is not available, the user will find that when the timer is triggered, the Unified Client will cause one of the following scenarios:

  1. If the user is on an identification screen, the screen will reset and all content will be cleared.
  2. If the user is past the identification screen (or the system has no identification active), the timer will return the user to the top level Unified Client Launcher screen with all pop-ups and similar dismissed.
  3. If the user is in the middle of a scan job, the timer will not be triggered.
  4. If point 1 or 2 happened after a server reconfiguration, the client will reach out to the server to get the new configuration and any current session will end.