Configure balance settings

Complete this procedure to assign a print allowance.

Administrators can assign print balances to control costs.
  1. Click the Balances tab.
  2. Select the Set Balance check box.
    This enables grid cells to the right so that you can define the parameters of the allowance.
  3. To specify the print allowances, click the browse button (...) for Allowances Profile.
  4. Configure the allowances profile, save it, and assign it to the selected user.
  5. For users, the current remaining balance is displayed in the Remaining Balance cell. To adjust the balance amount, click the cell and enter a new amount.
  6. For users, you can specify the date that the new accounting period begins. Click the arrow in the Next Refresh cell and select a date.
    You can specify that the balance be refreshed on a particular date or you can specify that it be refreshed today.
  7. Click Apply.