Welcome to the Ricoh ESA component

The Ricoh ESA component allows for direct integration of the AutoStore server and Ricoh MFP devices. This component provides key functionality such as:

  • Device level authentication including Windows, Active Directory, and NetWare and custom script authentication.
  • Multilayer menu definition that allows ease of use and quick indexing.
  • Centralized meta-data form definition providing full centralized control over the indexing forms.
  • Support for String, String list, Boolean, Date, Number, Database Lookup and Folder Browse field types to provide document indexing flexibility.
  • Device groupings allow devices to be divided into functional or organizational groups.
  • Extensible forms through VBScript. You can create more interactive forms and validate before a document is scanned.
  • Access control support to menus and forms.
  • Support for Duplex and Color Scanning.
  • Ability to create forms Send to Email and SharePoint 2010.
  • Ability to browse the SharePoint site at the device panel.

Ricoh ESA integration utilizes the latest in ESA technology and is designed to provide enterprise level functionality.