MFP Kiosk Preferences Profile dialog box

This dialog box creates or edits a profile for a kiosk and specifies items that are available in the kiosk.

Option Description
Name Specifies the name for the profile.
Description Provides space to describe the purpose of the kiosk.
Available items Lists items that are available to add to the kiosk. The items shown here depend on the device features and options.

Expand a category to view available items. Select or clear the check box next to an item to add or remove it in the Selected items box.

Selected items Displays a flat list of items that are currently selected in the Available items box.

The order shown here is the same that will show in the kiosk. To change the order, select an item and click Move up or Move down.

The following conditions must be met to use this profile to set print preferences for print release:

  • The associated destination is configured with a printer family that supports the device.

  • The associated destination is configured to use the Apply Print Preferences output process.

  • The configured printer family supports the data format of the document, for example PostScript or PCL.

  • The configured printer family supports modifying the print preferences selected here.

Note: Modifying PostScript data from third party drivers is not supported. Use the Output Manager Universal PostScript Driver instead.