Configuring a Savings Report

A Savings report details the cost savings and environmental impacts associated with using an Equitrac system. These reports show how many pages have been printed from a workstation, but have NOT been released to the printer (e.g. expired or deleted jobs). Cost savings can be also measured by the number of force monochrome or forced duplex pages. Additionally this report details the environmental savings—such as the number of trees and amount of water saved, plus the volume of CO2 NOT released into the atmosphere by not printing expired or deleted jobs, or by forcing simplex jobs to be duplexed.

To configure a Savings report for environmental measures, do the following:

  1. In Web System Manager, go to System Configuration > Global Configuration Settings > User Interaction > Savings Report Metrics.

Note: The default values based on average global consumption, however, these values can be changed to suit your geographic location and environment.

  1. Select U.S. or Metric from the Measurement system drop-down list.
  2. Enter the number of Letter/A4 pages that One tree is equivalent to.
  3. Enter the gallons (or litres) of water that One letter/A4 page uses. The volume unit depends on the measurement system used—U.S. (gallon) or Metric (kg).
  4. Enter the pounds (or kg) of CO2 that One pound (or kg) of paper releases. The volume unit depends on the measurement system used—U.S. (pound) or Metric (kg).
  5. Click OK to close the Savings report metrics dialog box.
    Note: The Reset to defaults button resets ALL fields to their default values.
See the Reports Manager section in the Kofax Equitrac Windows System Manager Guide for information on how to run a Savings report.