Troubleshooting the Unified Client for Xerox

This section provides information for troubleshooting problems with the Unified Client for Xerox.

Device registration issues

If a device fails to register or unregister in DRS, check the following:

  • Make sure the device is not in an error state (such as from a paper jam or out of paper) before registering or unregistering the client on it. If the device is an error state, registration or unregistration will fail.

  • If the Combined Client for Xerox has been registered on the device, unregister it before registering Unified Client for Xerox with the Combined Client for Xerox. The Combined Client for Xerox and Unified Client for Xerox cannot be on the same device because only one can be used as the authentication agent.

  • If an application fails to register or unregister in DRS because of device errors, it can leave the application half configured on the device. Correct the errors on the device and then delete the application manually with RegClient tool, which is available through Xerox support. You can then try registering the application again.

Connection error issues

If you are unable to launch the Unified Client for Xerox app, check the server configuration and connection as follows:

  • If you are using a third-party authentication provider with Authentication set to Off, make sure the Xerox device is configured on the Output Manager server. Otherwise, the Unified Client for Xerox app will not connect when you attempt to log on.

  • If the primary DWS server goes offline, a connection error occurs that might not go away when the secondary DWS server goes online. When this happens, log off from the Unified Client for Xerox and then log back on. You need to log out manually when there is a failover, even after the secondary DWS goes online.

Scan issues

If a scan job fails to complete, it may be caused by a server failover as follows:

  • Scanned documents sent by Unified Client for Xerox are not automatically sent to the replacement database.

  • Any in-flight scan or print jobs or inputted metadata when a failover occurs may not be preserved.

  • Scan jobs in progress on the secondary server may be lost when the primary server comes back online.

If this occurs, resend the scan job.

Print issues

If you attempt to print documents with the Unified Client for Xerox, make sure there is paper in the tray. If you print when the paper tray is empty, no error message appears, and the job does not print. You can confirm the condition by checking the native jobs application.

Job tracking issues

If jobs are not tracked, make sure the date and time are synchronized between the devices and DWS. Jobs may not be tracked if the time is not set correctly.