Welcome to Workflow Job Submission

The Workflow Job Submission is a Control Suite capture component that lets you define workflows for Equitrac configured with AutoStore. Equitrac can accept and submit documents to the workflows defined in this component. Typically during configuration of Equitrac, it contacts AutoStore for its list of workflow definitions for the user to choose from.

Each workflow definition is a configuration of distinct components within it. The component lets you create, update, copy or delete such workflow definitions.

Equitrac can submit documents and meta-data to a workflow definition by its name or by its internal identifier. You must exercise caution while renaming a workflow definition since Equitract may have been configured to use the workflow by its name. Hence, it is more robust for the Equitrac to persist a workflow definition by its internal identifier rather than by its name. If a workflow is deleted and a new one is created with same name, it will be assigned a different internal identifier.

Note: To use Control Suite components, you must separately install the security framework tool on the system and register AutoStore and Equitrac with this security framework, to be able to connect with each other.