Issue Cause Solution

The HP device shows the following USB error: "Attached USB device will not be used because it is not supported.”

Most likely the card reader plugged in to the HP device was not correctly setup in DRS prior to installing the client Confirm that no unauthorized USB devices are plugged in. If the message stills remains, confirm that you selected the right card reader in DRS or typed in the correct custom PID/VID, and reinstall that device if you need to change it.

If using a named reader you can plug the reader in to your laptop to confirm PID/VID and use the custom entry to type it in.

You receive Web browser alerts or messages that there is a hostname mismatch.

This issue occurs when you have entered an IP address instead of a server hostname as your DWS Server Address in DRS. Your environment might require the use of IP addresses. Dismiss the alert messages and continue using the Web browser. If supported by your environment, enter a server hostname for the DWS Server Address.

When pressing Sign In on the HP device, you might receive an error that the device “failed to verify server certificate fingerprint".

There is an invalid or duplicate root certificate for DWS installed on the HP device.
  1. Log in to the HP device web administration page.
  2. Go to Security > Certificate Management.
  3. Delete any certificates that are issued by Kofax DWS.
  4. In DRS, deploy the Unified Client for HP to this device again.
The HP device does not show the Kofax branded icon on the HP Home screen launcher button. HP UC 1.1 originally used a generic icon for the launcher button. This was updated in ControlSuite 1.1 Fixpack 5 to be a Kofax branded icon. However, since the icon is cached on the device, the new icon is not displayed. Using DRS, run the install task on the devices that you want to update the new Kofax icon to.