I-Queue solves printing challenges by providing a single print queue for every user and every printer. When submitting a print job you can setup and use the following printing mode options:

  • The I-Queue printer for secure printing via a single Follow-You Printing queue where all printers are combined into a single pull group. The I-Queue holds print jobs sent to the I-Queue printer from a user workstation. This I-Queue method only supports secure printing and holds print jobs until the user releases them at a networked printer via Follow-You Printing.
  • Direct printing via the I-Queue direct printer that enables you to print directly to a printer (without printer driver installation and authentication or a Follow-You Printing queue at a printer) in a simple and straightforward method.

There are no pull group restrictions when using the I-Queue print option. Rules and price lists can be applied to the I-Queue for all associated print jobs.