Configuring Print Queues

When a user prints to a physical device for the first time, a print queue is created for the device automatically. The new queue uses default settings only, so make modifications to the queue as soon as possible.

To modify the print queue, do the following:

  1. In Sources, select Print Queues and click the Edit icon for the print queue you want to modify.
  2. Select General in the Settings menu to modify the print queue behavior.
    The Name and Server are auto-populated.
  3. Enter a Description for the print-queue. The description should reflect the device name that the queue belongs to.
  4. Select the Personal queue checkbox to allow users with delegates assigned to them to print private documents to a separate print queue device. Jobs sent to the personal queue do not appear on the delegate’s print list.
  5. Enable or Disable the Secure Printing option. Secure printing is disabled by default. Enable this option to hold all jobs in a virtual print queue, rather than forwarding the jobs directly to the device for immediate output. If your deployment involves control terminal release, you need to enable secure printing on each queue that should be held for release. See Enabling Secure Printing.
  6. Select a Rule set for the drop-down list. Select the set of Routing Rules that you want to apply to this queue. Rules can hold, release, restrict access to, redirect jobs, reprice jobs, etc. Rules must be created before they appear in this list. See Creating Print Rules.
  7. Enable or Disable the Billing popup option. The Billing popup is enabled by default and is used with the Client Billing feature which requires users to enter a billing code prior to submitting a print job to this queue. User Workstations must run the Client Billing feature to use this option. See Working with Billing Codes.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Select Pricing in the Settings menu to assign print and departmental pricing to jobs output from this device’s print queue.
  10. select a Primary and Secondary (if configured for dual pricing) Print price. If no price lists were configured, then the default price is used.
  11. Under Departmental Pricing click +Add to add a department price for the physical device.
  12. When the Departmental Price List dialog opens, select a Type, Department and Price List from the drop-down lists. These options must be configured before Departmental Pricing can be added. See Departmental Pricing for details.
  13. Click Save to save the print queue pricing.