Unified Client for Canon actions reference

Actions that can be performed from the Device Registration Service for a Unified Client for Canon device. An action can be performed on a single device or on all devices in a group.

To perform an action, first select a device on the Device tab in the Device Registration Service web console. Then, in the box at the top of the Details pane, click an available action to perform on the device and click the run button . You can follow deployment status feedback under Action History. This includes the following entries:
Action History entry Description


Shows date and time.


Specifies current action type information.


Specifies current action message information (success/fail).


Specifies current status message information (running/complete).


Specifies current success message information (Yes/No).


Shows all devices in use.


Shows IP address in use.
Return Code Shows Return Code number.
Sync Assets Applies customization, such as customized welcome screen text, application logo, or custom welcome screen image.

To perform an action on all devices in a group, first select the group folder on the Device tab, and then run the action.

Action Description


Use this action to configure a Unified Client for Canon device.

Sync Assets

Use this action to apply customized device assets, such as welcome screen text, application logo, or a welcome screen image.